Floral Train.


Connecting Thoughts

Floral Train was born in 2006 when the passion for creating beautiful floral arrangements was ignited. Our story first began when helping a friend of ours who was, and still is an incredibly skilled florist. From him, we learnt not only the art of floral arranging but also the wonderful significance of it.

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Floral Train.

We Strive To Connect The Hearts & Minds

At Floral Train, we aim to please not just the customer, but also the receiver of the final product. Through the floral arrangements, we strive the connect the hearts and minds of both the giver and the receiver. Hence, our slogan Connecting Thoughts.

We create our floral arrangements using the freshest range of flowers that are available, and if need be, customised specially just for you.

Let your gift stay in the heart and mind of your beloved with beautiful floral works from Floral Train.


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